What the Gillislee??

Here are my thoughts about Mike Gillislee after reading Chris Wesseling’s article on NFL.com.

It’s starting to seem as if the Patriots backfield is getting awful crowded, Gillislee, Lewis, Burkhead, and with White getting a contract extension.  I guess that this means they are definitely moving on from Blount.  I believe this also means no Peterson, nor Lynch.

So what are we getting with Gillislee?  In 2016, he had 101 carries for 577 yards.  That’s good for a 5.7 average and 8 touchdowns.  All of that while he was playing behind LeSean McCoy, who had over 1200 yards and 13 touchdowns.  Gillislee didn’t have a single game last year over 100 yards, the closest he got was 91 yards against Miami, week 16.  He isn’t much of a receiver but he will fill the bruiser back role that Blount had last year.  He should be a good complement to White and Lewis. With White’s extension, it could be a toss-up between Burkhead and Lewis, but I feel that Rex Burkhead might be the odd man out.

This is definitely a situation to watch for any Pats fan.  With Belichick being the football mastermind he is, we should see quite a bit out of Gillislee.  It will still be a running back by committee, but Gillislee should be the feature back that Blount was last year.  Looking at the rushing stats from last year: Blount 1161 yards and 18 TDs, Lewis 283 yards and 0 TDs, and White with 166 yards and 0 TDs, the touches will be there for Gillislee.  We will have to wait and see if he makes the most of them.

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