Blackhawks swept in the first round by Preds.

What can I say about the meltdown that is the 2017 Chicago Blackhawks… All throughout this series, the Hawks have looked slow, had trouble connecting passes, and are getting beaten to the puck. Nashville has been winning the puck battles when and where it counts. They have been the faster and more physical team.

The Hawks have had no answer to Ryan Ellis.  Panik has been a bit more physical but he is lacking in that agitator role.  Image if Chicago had Andrew Shaw in this series! Just watching these games, the Hawks are missing something. They look tired.  The core of this team has played a lot of games the last few years.  Could fatigue be an issue?  Speaking of the core players, where are they? It’s like they disappeared.  I’m looking your way Keith, Toews, and Seabrook.

In game 4, Kane has been double shifting just to try to get some offense going.  Note to Chicago: HE CAN’T DO IT BY HIMSELF!! I am a huge Patrick Kane fan, but come on.  No one has stepped up. The Hawks were shutout the first TWO games!  They have only scored three total goals in the entire series! How can this team be the #1 seed and just be dominated so much?

Hat’s off to the Predators.  They came into this series with a plan, they stuck to it, and it worked.  They have been the faster and more physical team.  Well-deserved win.

Now that the Blackhawks are eliminated, my favorite to win it all is Pittsburgh.  Just typing that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.  They are missing Letang, but with Sid, Malkin, and Kessel, they are never out of it.  I believe that they can be the first team since the Detroit Red Wings, to win back to back Stanley Cups.

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