I’m glad that the Blackhawks are eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Yes, you read that correctly….I am glad that the Chicago Blackhawks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  First, let me say this “I am a Blackhawks fan” let me stand on my desk and yell “I AM A BLACKHAWKS FAN”!  Now before you start throwing tomatoes, let me sit down to explain and give you a bit of personal history.  I grew up in Indiana, where we don’t have an NHL team.  So, I grew up watching both the Hawks and the Red Wings.  I was always more of a Detroit fan, with players like Steve Yzerman, the Russian Five, Bob Probert, Joey Kocur, Darren McCarty, Brendan Shanahan, and one of my personal favorites (behind Probert) Chris Chelios, how could you not love them? So here comes the 2004-05 lockout… I walked away from hockey, I had had enough. After a few years, I start playing hockey myself, so I get back into it.  The year is 2010 and when I watch the Red Wings, I don’t recognize many players; they were a whole new team for me.  So I’m watching game 4 of the Western Conference Finals and I see this defenseman block a shot with his face, and his teeth are just disintegrated.  He missed a couple of shift and he GOES BACK OUT THERE!  That was my introduction to Duncan Keith and I have been a Blackhawks fan ever since!

So, why am I glad they are out of the playoffs?  As a fan, I focus everything on my team.  I watch all of their games and with my schedule, I don’t have more time to watch the other series.  So with them out so early this year and last year, I get to watch the Pens/Caps and Preds/Blues.  Both series have been great to watch.  I get to see some other outstanding players like Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, James Neal, and Evgeni Malkin. So as a Hawks fan, I’m sad inside for their first round bow out.  But as a hockey fan?  I’m giggling like a school girl!  I may not have any “skin” in the game, but it sure is fun as hell to watch the ride!

Chicago Golden Gloves

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