Another Brady Controversy!

Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen tells “CBS This Morning” that Tom suffered a concussion sometime during the season last year.  Why would Gisele make that statement? Tommy Terrific doesn’t need this and she may have created another controversy for the media and NFL to salivate over.

Tom Brady in his entire 17-year career has never been diagnosed with a concussion.  I don’t believe I have ever watched him get up from a hit with that “I’m Batman” look ( Scott Zolak claims it may have happened during Super Bowl 51).  In his career, besides a knee injury in 2008 that sidelined him for the entire year, Brady has done an excellent job at keeping his body in order.  With that being said it wouldn’t surprise me if Brady suffered a concussion during a game, but didn’t show symptoms until days or even weeks later, which is possible because concussions affect everyone differently.  I’m hoping that the NFL uses this situation as a way to improve player safety and not another way to delegitimize Brady’s career. What I mean by that is bringing cheating into the equation for not reporting it during the week of preparation.  At the moment there are no requirements for players to go through concussion protocols during the week running up to game day.  As competitive as the NFL is, I can see this type of thing happening to many players around the league and frankly I don’t blame them.  The fact is, we’ve seen a decrease of in-game concussions by 8.7 percent from 2015 (183) to 2016 (167).  So, in my opinion, the NFL is doing a better job at protecting the players, but what does the NFL do to protect them from themselves?

As I mentioned earlier regarding the competitiveness of the NFL, it would be difficult to get players to admit that they are experiencing any symptoms post game day.  I don’t think Brady is the first player to not report a concussion or symptoms following a game and probably won’t be the last.  What I see in the future is the NFL considering mid-week protocol requirements for players and un-cleared players will end up sitting out the game that week.  That would more than likely lead to increasing the 53 man roster because I believe conducting weekly examinations will find more players are suffering from a concussion or hiding one than normal which in turn would require more players on a roster to supplement their injury.

Originally I was against all the rule changes for player safety mainly because I thought it took some from the game and these guys make a great deal of money, not all of them, but most do.  And we have seen gameplay shifts, especially the passing game.  After seeing the results of the rule changes and protocols it is getting better and I have changed my mind on player safety, but the NFL still has a long and difficult road to travel.

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