O’ Browns, Where Art Thou?

Last year you were a 1-15 team….now you make my fingers hurt as I type this.  You had a good draft this year, but only time will truly tell.  Taking Myles Garret #1 overall along with Jabril Peppers and David Njoku in the first round clearly looks like a winner on paper.  What will your team show us on the field?  Speaking of David Njoku, after drafting him you cut your starting tight end, Gary Barnidge.  Barnidge started 43 games for you over the last four years.  Exactly what were you thinking?  I believe that Rick James said it best: “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”!  Last season, Barnidge had 55 rec for 612 yards with 2 touchdowns.  Not too shabby considering the circus act that was your quarterback situation.  You passed for a total of 3,264 yards.  Barnidge was your second leading receiver, Terrelle Pryor was the top dog if you can call it that in your offense, which you also let walk.  So, there go your top two receivers.  Now Corey Coleman becomes your possible #1 Wide Receiver.  You’ve added Kenny Britt, who went 68 receptions, for 1002 yards, and 5 touchdowns, but who is boring as fuck!  Oh yeah, Josh Gordon had his reinstatement denied. Since 2012, Gordon has only played in 35 total NFL games.

Since you came back into the league in 1999,  You have had 27 different starting Quarterbacks.   Over 18 seasons and 288 regular season games (you’ve only played 1 post-season game), that averages to 10.6 games per QB.  Now coming into the 2017 season, you have Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler (who you drafted last year), DeShone Kizer (drafted this year), and Brock Osweiler.  If you are looking for a backup QB, you now have four.  Brock Osweiler thinks he will be the starting Quarterback? Last season, he threw for 15 TDs and 16 INTS, and that was on the Texans who actually have wide receivers and a running game.  Maybe you should bring back Manziel just to add some more dysfunction into your QB rotation.

I hope that after seeing your draft last year and this year, that you continue to make smart decisions.  And please (I’m begging for all football fans) get a starting QB and stick with them.  Stop trying to pawn off backups as starters.  You are just ruining good quarterbacks!

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