Jimmy G, Pats or Not?

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question concerning Jimmy Garoppolo and the New England Patriots.  (I can’t think of Jimmy Garoppolo without signing Rob Ringle’s song in my head.)  Garoppolo’s cap hit for the 2017 season is $1,108,513, after that he is a UFA.  He has been Tom Brady’s backup for the last two seasons, compiling a career total of 690 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions for a QB rating of 106.3.  He already has two Superbowl rings and could be in line to get another one this year.

If Garoppolo stays in New England, does he take a team friendly deal (like some other Patriots players) and continue to backup Brady with the hope of getting his shot? Is this the year that Tom Brady retires?  The Patriots have been loading up this offseason, possibly to get Brady one more Superbowl before he rides off into the sunset? Brady is tied only with Charles Haley for 5 rings as a player, one more would put him top of the list.  If Tom Brady plays until he is 45, like he says that he wants to, how long does Garoppolo wait?

Can Garoppolo be a starter in the NFL? Yes, I believe that he can.  But I don’t think he will be an elite QB without some weapons around him and some spit and polish on his game.  Can Jimmy make more money? Hell Yes! Someone will pay this kid.  Does he pull an Osweiler and chase the money? The only problem is any team with that kind of weapons on offense, either already has their long term solution at QB or wants to draft and develop a QB into their system.  I would hate to see Jimmy go to Cleveland and I’m glad that deal never went through.  That would have been a death blow to a promising career.

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