Odell Beckham Jr. gets injured, cannot make it back to locker room.

On Monday night, Odell Beckham Jr. injured his left leg in a losing effort to the Cleveland Browns.  The hit occurred in the second quarter when Beckham made a leaping catch.  Brown’s cornerback, Briean Boddy-Calhoun goes down to his knees to make the hit, crashing into Beckham’s left leg as he lands.

According to NFL rules, this is a legal hit. Defensive players are not held to the same standard as offensive linemen, in regards to how low they can hit a player.  With the NFL focusing on concussions and hits to the head, DBs have been taught to tackle and hit lower.  While a legal hit, that doesn’t make it a clean hit.  There has to be something to protect the receiver in this situation.  How many leg, knee, and ankle injuries have we seen over the last 5 years? What is to stop more players from targeting the knees of offensive players?

But what really chaps my ass is how Odell handled himself after the hit.  He gets up from the hit and walks across the field, it does take some effort on his part.  On his way to the locker room, he stops, gets down on his knees, and curls into a ball.  Football is a Man’s sport.  Injuries happen and you have to shake them off, within reason.  I feel that he should have gotten to the locker room and away from the cameras before he acted that way.

I just think of the message this sends to fans.  Odell has been known to over dramatize his injuries.  This is another example.  After x-rays, he is believed to have a sprained ankle.  The Giants are waiting for a second opinion until they return to New York.  Odell is a fantastic receiver and I hope that he recovers in short order.

I guess that this goes to show that real men play defense.  I wonder what J.J. Watt would have to say about all of this?


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