Did the Patriots pull off the biggest con job in NFL history?

OK all of you conspiracy theorists out there, hear me out.   Since Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, something has been gnawing at the back of my mind like a rat on a sinking ship.  We all know that Bill Belichick is two steps ahead of everyone else in the NFL.  I mean the NFL has changed the rules based on things the Patriots have done, or better yet, what the Patriots have been perceived to have done.

So where am I going with this? Hang the fuck on and find out.  My point is Belichick and the Patriots organization are pretty fucking smart. What if…WHAT IF…… Garoppolo, who is a free agent this summer, comes back to the Pats next season????

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Jimmy was the perceived heir apparent when Brady does finally slow down.  And from Jimmy’s view point, which team would you want to be on, a Superbowl contender or a team that is looking like they will get the #1 overall pick in the draft?  I can understand wanting to build something out of nothing….. I really do.  BUT, NFL careers are short (unless you have a fountain of youth like Brady) and everyone remembers championships!

Let’s face it, Hoyer is a non-factor at this point.  He is just a warm body in case something happens.  The Pats have 2.5 years invested in Jimmy and if they drafted another QB this year to take over the reigns, He won’t play the first season.  Brady will have to be the starter for the next two seasons while he is taught the system.  I’m not saying that Brady is done after this year, but if you look at the off season moves last summer, it seems that the Pats are going all out to win him another Superbowl.  Take a look at Peyton Manning and how quickly he fell off the cliff, performance wise.  Things can happen in a split second to change an organization’s plans.  Hopefully things work out as planned.   But if Garoppolo does come back, Bill Belichick and the Patriots might have pulled off the biggest steal of the league’s history.

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